Install the MaaS360 for iOS companion app

You may be required to install/reinstall the MaaS360 app for iOS on your MarketLink device.  Learn how to install the MaaS360 for iOS companion app.

Install/Reinstall MaaS360 for iOS Companion App

Follow the steps below to install/reinstall the MaaS360 for iOS companion app on your MarketLink device:

  • Open the "App Catalog" app from the home screen
  • Tap the "Free" button to the right of the "MaaS360 for iOS" label
  • Tap "Associate"
  • If prompted, enter your Apple ID password.  Note that the installation can take up to 10 minutes to begin.

Note:  Please be sure to open the MaaS360 for iOS companion app after it has fully installed.  The MaaS360 for iOS companion app must configure itself and obtain permission to access your device before it can begin communicating with our system.

Get more help

If you are unable to complete the app installation using the steps above, then please contact our Support Team:


Phone:  (888) 377-7884

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